As one of the original 13 United States colonies to declare independence from England in 1776, New York is rich in history. Witness Revolutionary War history at Fort Stanwix National Monument. Discover the Underground railroad. Explore the Erie Canal and so much more. If you’re a history lover, you’ll love Central New York!

Erie Canal Village

See outdoor living history come to life! The Erie Canal Village houses three historical museums (The Erie Canal Museum; The Harden Museum of horse drawn vehicles; and the New York Museum of Cheese). Step back in time & have fun with the whole family.

Fort Stanwix National Monument

This reconstructed 18th century fort is significant for its role in the American Revolution. Learn about 18th century life on the western frontier. A favorite amongst Wellnesste visitors!

Herkimer Home State Historic Site

Visit the Georgian-style mansion that was the home to courageous Revolutionary War hero, General Nicholas Herkimer. General Herkimer's place in history was assured in 1777. Herkimer was en route to help defend Fort Stanwix when he and his men were ambushed by British-allied Loyalists.

Oriskany Battlefield State Historic Site

Considered to be a significant turning point in the War of Independence, the Battle of Oriskany, fought on August 6, 1777, has been described as one of the bloodiest battles of the war.

Steuben Memorial State Historic Site

The Steuben Memorial honors the "Drillmaster of the American Revolution," Baron von Steuben, whose valuable wartime services have been described as being second in importance only to those of George Washington.

Underground Railroad - Trail to Freedom

The Underground Railroad was part of the abolitionist movement to eliminate slavery in America. In the state of New York, organized abolitionism began in Oneida County in the early 1830s. Local activists were inspired by the words and examples of Beriah Green and his students at the Oneida Institute.