Wellnesste’s rich biodiversity is teaming with bird life. Bird enthusiasts can often find bald eagles in March (the record is seven in one day) and a plethora of songbirds from April through early September. Common sightings include rose-breasted grosbeaks, northern orioles, indigo buntings and a large variety of warblers & sparrows.

In addition to the great birding on nearly 60 acres here at Wellnesste Lodge, you can explore the many wonderful wild areas of the Tug Hill Plateau and the Adirondacks for exciting feathered sightings and sounds. Below are some nearby areas for birders to check out…

The Utica Marsh

The Utica Marsh is an urban wetland of 213 acres, lies mostly within the city of Utica, New York (U.S.A.), and provides a home for diverse plants and animals. It is a mixture of different wetland habitats that border the Mohawk River and New York Barge Canal. Getting to the marsh from Wellnesste is a short 35 minute drive.



The Black River Environmental Improvement Association (BREIA)

Click here to visit the BREIA website.

In the winter, this is the best free trail system for snowshoeing and cross country skiing that we know of. During the rest of the year it's a great area for a quiet hikes and birdwatching. The BREIA trails are maintained by a private foundation that provides all the maintenance and free public use of the trails. It’s an excellent area and provides 3 different trails. The system also houses several European-style warming huts which are open in the winter as a great place to stop for a break, a snack, to socialize and warm up before continuing on your adventure.

Directions: The trails are about an hour drive from Wellnesste and well worth the trip. They are located off Egypt Road near Alder Creek, NY. Stay on Route 12 North when you arrive at the intersection of route 28 and route 12 North at Alder Creek Egypt Road is the first left passed Hinsteads Restaurant. The first parking lot is about three quarters of a mile down the road (see map). You will see a sign on the right. This trail has three branches. One follows along Echo Lake or there is a branch that leads to the Alder Creek Gorge which you can also get to from the second Echo Road entrance and parking lot. There is another short loop that goes to the Adirondack Rail Crossing. There is a sign-in station at the entrance with a trail map.


46-Corners Management Area

46-Corners Management Unit includes 8 state forests in the northwest corner of Oneida County, a small portion in the southeast corner of Oswego County and a small portion in southwest Lewis County. The total land area is 18,032 acres. 

There are 55 miles of trout water tributaries on the Unit. Anglers enjoy Mad River, Furnace Creek, and Florence Creek which flow through the Unit. These creeks feed into the stocked streams of the East Branch and West Branch of Fish Creek and may contain brown and brook trout.

Because of the size of this area, it’s a great choice for experienced back-country guests who are looking for plenty of room to wander. Most of the management area is within 30 minutes of Wellnesste.