Fish Creek

Here at Wellnesste Lodge, we are fortunate to look after over half a mile of river frontage on the East Branch of Fish Creek. Our river and ponds are perfect for fly fishing and trout fishing. There are also Atlantic Salmon in the river, which were reintroduced to the ecosystem in 1997. Fishers love coming to the Tug Hill to fish in our river and the plentiful lakes that sprinkle central and upstate New York.

From small, rarely seen species of darters to large game fish like salmon and muskellunge, New York's waters are home to an incredible variety of freshwater fish species. Over 165 fish species inhabit the state's 7,500 lakes and ponds and 70,000 miles of rivers and streams, providing New York with one of the richest and diverse fish populations in the nation.

A very rocky river, it becomes fairly shallow in the summer, making it very easy to navigate along the banks and easy to cross in shallow areas. It is this time of the year when the river is perfect for swimming and floating. 

The river's origin is Kasoag Lake in Oswego County, near the town of Williamstown. It then flows easterly for approximately 29 miles before joining with the East Branch of Fish Creek near Blossvale, Oneida County, to form Fish Creek; which flows into Oneida Lake at Sylvan Beach. As the West Branch meanders, it flows through three State Forests: KasoagOrton Hollow and Fish Creek State Forest.

Species Found:

Brown trout, brook trout, and Atlantic salmon.

Oneida Lake

Oneida Lake, located ten miles north of Syracuse in Oneida and Oswego Counties, is the largest lake lying wholly within New York State. Oneida Lake is a relatively shallow natural lake with an average depth of 22 feet and is named for the Iroquois Nation Oneida Tribe. The Oneidas called the lake "Tsioqui" or "white water", a reference to the wave action on the lake on windy days. At Verona State Park just past Sylvan beach, and about a 20 minutes drive from Wellness:te, there is plenty of parking and ice fishing access in the winter.

Species Found: 

Walleye, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, chain pickerel, northern pike, tiger musky, bluegill, pumpkinseed sunfish, rock bass, black crappie, yellow perch, freshwater drum, common carp, bowfin, burbot, longnose gar, lake sturgeon, gizzard shad, and round goby.

Delta Lake

Delta Lake is also not too far away from Wellness:te, and has numerous beautiful camping grounds along its edges. Delta Lake provides a quality fishery for many species. Many anglers target walleye, northern pike, or bass. Jigging or trolling will produce good numbers of walleye in the 15-20 inch range, with fish approaching the 30 inch mark reported. Northern pike that exceed 45 inches have been taken. Small-mouth bass are more abundant than large-mouth bass, but both species are caught up to 20 inches. Ice fishing for walleye, yellow perch and northern pike is popular.

Species Found:

Walleye, Small-mouth Bass, Large-mouth Bass, Northern Pike, Chain Pickerel, Black Crappie, Yellow Perch, Pumpkinseed, Brown Bullhead

Redfield Reservoir (Salmon River Reservoir)

At the Redfield Reservoir, there is an observation and fishing platform that overlooks the Salmon River Reservoir in the Salmon River State Forest. When the water level is high, it is possible to fish from the platform, and the fishable season usually runs from ice melt through June or July. In the summer, the reservoir is also a wonderful spot for swimming and picnicking.

Species Found: 

Large-mouth bass, small-mouth bass, walleye, brown trout, brook trout, rainbow trout, black crappie, pumpkinseed sunfish, yellow perch, white sucker, and brown bullhead

The Salmon River

The Salmon River is known for the two major fish records have been set in the Salmon River: the Great Lakes record Chinook salmon (47 lbs. 13 oz.) and the world record Coho salmon (33 lbs. 4 oz.). It has plenty of places to stop for fishing, and is a very well known fishing river! There is also the Salmon Hatchery on the way to salmon falls, which makes for a fun and educational day trip for families and fish lovers alike!

Species Found:

Chinook salmon, coho salmon, Atlantic salmon (or landlocked salmon), steel-head (rainbow trout), brown trout, walleye, small-mouth bass, rock bass, yellow perch, black crappie and white sucker.