Hiking is incredibly popular in our area. Wellnesste Lodge is within driving distance of America's largest state park (the Adirondack Park which is over 600,000 acres), which offers hundreds of miles of trails to explore.

Our private 60 acres offers several miles of trails right outside your cabin door so if you want to just "chill" and wander on the property for a little hike, that's more than possible!

In addition to our property and the Adirondacks, our region of Upstate and Central New York offers a copious amount of outdoor trails to explore and enjoy.  If you're an explorer at heart, you can find everything from excellent mountain trails with exceptional lookout points, to waterfalls, lakes, rivers and more!

Here's a dabbling of some of our favorite spots near our cozy cabin rentals...

Forest Park

Distance from Wellnesste: 10 minutes

About this place: Forest Park is located in Camden, NY (13316). The main entrance for the park, is located at the end of Ripley Drive.  This entrance includes a free parking area, which is open year round. The Park opens each day, year round, at 8:00am and closes a half hour after sunset. The park is open to vehicle traffic during the summer season only,  usually from early May until late September, weather permitting.

The park has numerous pavilions for public use.  All pavilions include inside picnic tables and most have a hibachi and swing set.

Black Bear Mountain

Distance from Wellnesste: 1 hr. 32 min.

About the Trail: A moderately demanding hike, the shortest and most used trailhead is about 1.9 miles long. There are some sections that require climbing up large boulders, which may not be suited for dogs. However, when you reach the top, you have spectacular views of the surrounding chain lakes, mountains, and northern high peaks.

Bald Mountain

Distance from Wellnesste: 1 hr. 17 min.

About the Trail: This trail is a very popular trails or families, with an somewhat easy hike up and a restored fire tower, you can climb up at the top to see an even better view of Old Forge, NY and its 7 Lakes. The hike is about a mile, with a 500 ft ascent. 

Pixley Falls

Distance from Wellnesste: 33 minutes

About the Trail: This waterfall is not too far from the parking area and picnic areas surrounding it, but it has beautiful views of one of CNY's best waterfalls. You can walk both above and below the falls, and both trails are worth taking. This picturesque park also features steep, wooded hills and a mountain stream with its 50 ft. waterfall in the center of the park. The park has access to numerous miles of trout streams.

Salmon Falls

Distance from Wellnesste: 40 Minutes

About the Trail: This trail is another very popular waterfall hike for families. One part of the trail takes you to the top of the falls, in which you can walk around and to the edge, and another part of the trail will take you to the bottom, where you can see the beauty of the 110 ft. tall Salmon River Falls.

Whetstone Gulf State Park

Distance from Wellnesste: 45 minutes

About the Trail: Whetstone Gulf State Park is built in and around a three-mile-long gorge cut into the eastern edge of the Tug Hill Plateau. The gorge is one of the most spectacular scenic vistas east of the Rocky Mountains.