Kayakers come from near and far and visit us at Wellnesste Lodge and rent out a cabin as their "base camp" to run the mighty river they simply call "THE MIGHTY FISH".

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Fish Creek is one of New York State’s most scenic whitewater runs, slicing through over five miles of sheer slate-walled canyon. Although it’s called a “creek” this is a luscious river by any standard. Fish Creek may be the finest play river in the Northeast, with big, fast waves and holes that range from purring pussycat to sneering tiger. Eighteen waterfalls cascade into the canyon, some free-falling over 90 feet.

The canyon creates a sense of wilderness isolation, with hawks circling overhead and clean water providing habitat for trout and salmon. But Fish Creek offers its challenges. Several boats are lost on Fish Creek every year. The canyon section is very deep, narrow, and inaccessible. Inexperienced boaters find self-rescue extremely difficult in the continuous Class II-V gorge riffs. Boaters often stop at Wellnesste Lodge for a break or just to say hello. We’ve had the pleasure of meeting folks from near and far who’ve come to enjoy this scenic river.

The following is an excerpt from the Fish Creek Atlantic Salmon Club:

Mysterious Fish Creek is one of the most spectacular streams of the state. For kayakers it is the fabled "River of No Return". Because of cliffs on either side there is no egress until you reach Point Rock Creek, the Rome Reservoir or Palmer Road Bridge.

The many waterfalls caused by spring freshets coming off the gorge walls give the waterway its mystical character. A trip down this Class II-V river (depending on the season and water flow) is an exhilarating experience. It is one of the prettiest rivers in this part of the world, with 18 waterfalls coming in on top from various creeks. It is cut into the shale 90 feet in places and it is seldom seen by man, other than boaters.