A Vigil Host

The wind blows cold both far and near

October’s come ‘nother year

As colors blaze upon the hills

The summer’s corn …headed for the mills

Maple red and Oak of brown

Yellow of Birch blow all around

I watch the colors in the breeze

Perched on the steps …below the trees

By day I sit …and I spy

The local landscape changing by

At night I give off spooky glows

To ghouls and goblins down below

Some shout out “Jack!”

Some scream out “O”!

Some squeal “A Lantern”!

But they all know

That it’s just me on Hallow’s Eve

Sitting pretty as I please

So go on children …seek tricks …and seek treats

Go door-to-door for snacks & sweets

I’ll sit on steps- lit all aglow

When you return- just let me know

It’s Halloween! you witches you vampires …and you ghosts

And your ‘ol friend Jack-O-Lantern Stands vigil as your host

~ Christophe Marin ~