Fall adventure travel in Upstate New York


Fall... the season of colorful change

Offers you and I the opportunity for adventure

As we explore New York countryside for a weekend getaway

We find a cozy cabin in the woods like days of old

To sit and read and play and rest

To hike among the old forests ablaze

And ponder the slower pace of outdoor life

The colors and sounds

Crunching leaves and whispering winds

Cool breezes and s'mores over an open fire

While gazing at stars and moon shadows

So lovely, so quaint I snooze soundly in the cool night's breeze

Dreaming of hot cider and fresh donuts

I soon awaken to the sound of Wellnesste chickens

And their gift of fresh eggs for my hearty morning meal

Hot coffee in the old kettle

And the warm sunshine of another beautiful day

Here is the little haven they call "Wellness Stay"

~ Wellnesste ~