Giving Thanks in the Adirondack Cabin in Central NY

This time of year conjures all sorts of memories, thoughts and emotions for the myriad of folks around the United States. From reflecting about childhood fantasies and experiences, to digging up old family recipes for a holiday feast, the cold Northeast weather evokes a time to gather; feast and give thanks.

As a small family-owned cabin rental business in Central New York, we're blessed with so much to be thankful for this time of year. We're thankful for the hundreds of guests in the past year who have enjoyed our cabins, enjoyed the great outdoors and have shared smiles, laughs and experiences with us. We're reflective and thankful for the plenitude of biodiversity on our nearly 60 acres of natural heaven. And we're thankful for family, good health and friends.

Thanksgiving at Wellnesste Lodge

Thanksgiving at Wellnesste Lodge

This Thanksgiving 2012 we were happy to spend the entire day outdoors working on cutting, splitting, hauling and stacking firewood for Thoreau's Cabin, Black Bear Cabin and for the outdoor bonfires that all of our guests enjoy (there's nothing like renting a little cabin getaway, having a bonfire and enjoying s'mores in the woods in Upstate NY).

Following our firewood chores and loading up the newly constructed woodshed, the entire family and the dogs (our cabins are pet friendly after all) hiked several miles around the property and enjoyed the fresh air, sites and sounds of Wellnesste Lodge.

In the evening we were happy to enjoy a wonderful feast in the Adirondack Cabin with our family, Christophe's parents (visiting from Cape Cod) and two of our guests who were staying in Thoreau's cabin (graduate students from RIT). The main course, wine, dessert and grand marnier were enjoyed by all as everyone shared stories, gave thanks and enjoyed one another's companionship.

As we look back upon 2012 and look forward to the Christmas season and 2013, we send good vibes your way and hope that you and your family are in good health.

Thankful to be alive and livin' in the country, Christophe