Reason 102... Upstate NY Vacation Getaway at Wellnesste Lodge

- Live as though the day were here... now! -

We so often get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday "life" that we forget how important it is to slow down and breathe.  The power of nature combined with a bit of rest and relaxation can have amazing effects on the body, mind and spirit.

Don't put it off any more.  Life is too short.  Take time for YOU.


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Dog Friendly Winter Cabin Rentals in NY


One of the treasures of Winter at Wellnesste Lodge and Cabin Rentals is having friendly dogs of all shapes and sizes around. So many guests come to visit our cozy cabins from all over the Northeast and bring their puppies to goof off in the great outdoors.

There's a certain thrill and satisfaction in seeing our furry friends frolic in the fresh powdery snow! Whether it's going out for a hike, doing some snow tubing, wandering the woods for a snowshoe adventure or strapping on cross-country skis, our lodging guests always seem to find winter fun. Their pets are always close by, including snuggling in their cabin after a day's long adventure :-) Photo: Ottie enjoying the snow during a snowshoe hike with Christophe

Winter hiking with your dog in Upstate New York

Hiking with your dog at Wellnesste Cabin Rentals in Taberg NY
Hiking with your dog at Wellnesste Cabin Rentals in Taberg NY

Are you a dog lover? I've been a dog lover for my entire life. Having grown up in France at an early age we had a family "wiener dog" named Pedro. Since those early days, dogs have been part of my life in all so many ways. One of the benefits of having and loving dogs is that it gives you an excuse to get outdoors for many walks with your four-legged friend(s).

Here at Wellnesste Lodge, since we have nearly 60 acres of lovely land to explore, the walking and hiking opportunities for dogs is a key part of our "down-to-Earth" philosophy. Since the cabins that we rent out to guests are pet friendly, our guests often bring their dogs along to be part of their vacation experience. Whether it's for a few days or a few weeks, individuals, couples and families return time and again to our little river valley because they can include their dogs as part of their trip instead of having to leave them at home or kennel them.

The combination of terrain here at Wellnesste includes open fields, wooded trails, ponds and river frontage so there's lots of opportunity for both guests and their dogs to enjoy the great outdoors together all year 'round. Looking for a little retreat with your furry friend? We look forward to hosting your stay.