Snow on the Garden

Snow flakes

Wee formed miracles from the heavens above

Dropping silently

Twisting, turning… floating about

Trillions of petite water particles

Frozen in time

For a second, a minute, a day or longer

Cascading down

To the ground upon which I stand

A blessing on this fragile planet…

… called Earth

That one day will melt

And replenish my garden

That is now covered in… Snow

~ Christophe Marin ~

Winter's artwork at Wellnesste Lodge in Taberg Upstate Central NY
Winter's artwork at Wellnesste Lodge in Taberg Upstate Central NY

Daylily Heaven

Thoroughbred Daylies at Wellness:te

Thoroughbred Daylies at Wellness:te

Summer means a splash of color @ Wellness:té in the form of our Daylily garden. Originally native from Europe to China, Korea, and Japan, their large showy flowers have made them popular worldwide. There are over 60,000 registered cultivars worldwide and we are proud to have introductions from one of the top hybridizing farms in the United States- Thoroughbred Daylilies.

Thoroughbred Daylilies’ introductions reflect their hybridizing goals which include: vigorous, hardy plants with flowers of clear, vibrant colors and good substance. They have also been breeding for late daylilies to extend the bloom season.

If you're in Central New York in late June through early August, give us a ring and stop by to stroll the grounds and enjoy some of these incredible beauties in person. If you happen to be in the Kentucky area during the same time, be sure to contact John & Annette Rice (the owners of Thoroughbred Daylilies) and meet the masters in person.

Good gardening & Wellness:té.