Wellnesste Lodge named in TOP 10 Things to Do in New York State


One of the wonderful things about our little place in the woods is having travelers from all over the world come for a visit. Sometimes people stay for a night and sometimes for a month. We never know much about them before they settle down into one of our cabin rentals, but most of the time we're able to "get to know them" a bit during their stay. This interaction comes in many forms from an initial walkabout of the property, to sharing a cold drink by the beach to star gazing around the bonfire and more. One of our visitors that we were delighted to meet and get to know better was a beautiful soul named Catherine who traveled from the U.K. to tour New York State.

She spent nearly a month whirling around from the reaches of NY from Long Island to Buffalo and beyond. We were lucky enough to have her choose our place as part of her tour. As a travel writer for Responsible Travel, Catherine was checking out many spots throughout the state to get a sense of what New York State was all about and the types of "responsible travel" destinations and activities the state had to offer. Long story short... we really enjoyed Catherine's visit and we were so thrilled and honored when she and the Responsible Travel folks named Wellnesste Lodge as "One of the Top 10 Things to do in NY".

Here's the excerpt from the Top 10 List. Wellnesste Lodge appeared as #9...

"It is often the people who make the place, and this is definitely the case at Wellness: Té Lodge in Taberg, Central New York. The name is derived from the Sanskrit 'Namaste' meaning 'greetings onto you' , the owners adapting it to 'wellness onto you' in the hope that guests will feel revived by nature that surrounds them here. There is indeed something healing and calm about this place, a haven for families with Fish Creek running through its sixty acres. You can swim and tube in the river, chill out in one of their Norwegian style cabins, go birdwatching in their biodiverse grounds, or just chill on their wooded walking trails, ideal for snowshoeing in winter too. Generous and warm hosts, Christophe and Karen Marin-Gerlach are French and Norwegian respectively and their den of natural deliciousness has been informed by their joint cultural heritage as well as their innate passion for conservation. Still in its nascence and growing organically, it is sure to keep blossoming for a long time to come."

Snowmobile Lodging in Upstate and Central NY

Snowmobiling Cabin to Rent at Wellnesste Lodge in Upstate NY
Snowmobiling Cabin to Rent at Wellnesste Lodge in Upstate NY

Winter means different things to different people. While most of our cabin rental guests are content with skiing, snowshoeing and hiking in and around our 60 acres of natural beauty, other guests want to venture out on their snowmobiles.

Since our cabins are only about 1 mile from the main snowmobiling trails that connect much of Upstate NY and Central New York, we often host guests from all over the Northeast who bring their snowmobiles along and explore hundreds of miles of groomed snowmobile trails.

Whether it's the thrill of speed and distance via your snowmobile or the peaceful serenity of a snowshoe hike, we're here to provide you a cozy cabin to enjoy during your vacation rental getaway. We'll keep a warm cabin ready for you ;-)

Photo: Guests heading out on their snowmobile from Thoreau's cabin which has a beautiful fireplace and woodstove to keep you cozy after a winter adventure.

Enjoying Wild Turkey from Your Cabin Rental

Wild turkeys at Wellnesste Lodge and Nature Sanctuary
Wild turkeys at Wellnesste Lodge and Nature Sanctuary

There are many things to enjoy in Central and Upstate NY during the Winter season. Many of our city guests come to us to rent a cabin for the very first time. It's quite common that folks from New York City, Buffalo, Rochester, Boston, Montreal, Ottawa and other surrounding cities get their first taste of "big snow" and "wildlife" during their stay.

On winter mornings, you can often peak out your cabin window and spot wild turkey, deer and other critters out and about in the fresh snow from the night before.

There's something so simple and pleasing about such natural sightings. It hearkens back to our outdoor roots and helps us to re-connect with the natural world around us.

~ Wellnesste ~