Snowmobile Lodging in Upstate and Central NY

Snowmobiling Cabin to Rent at Wellnesste Lodge in Upstate NY
Snowmobiling Cabin to Rent at Wellnesste Lodge in Upstate NY

Winter means different things to different people. While most of our cabin rental guests are content with skiing, snowshoeing and hiking in and around our 60 acres of natural beauty, other guests want to venture out on their snowmobiles.

Since our cabins are only about 1 mile from the main snowmobiling trails that connect much of Upstate NY and Central New York, we often host guests from all over the Northeast who bring their snowmobiles along and explore hundreds of miles of groomed snowmobile trails.

Whether it's the thrill of speed and distance via your snowmobile or the peaceful serenity of a snowshoe hike, we're here to provide you a cozy cabin to enjoy during your vacation rental getaway. We'll keep a warm cabin ready for you ;-)

Photo: Guests heading out on their snowmobile from Thoreau's cabin which has a beautiful fireplace and woodstove to keep you cozy after a winter adventure.

Dog Friendly Winter Cabin Rentals in NY


One of the treasures of Winter at Wellnesste Lodge and Cabin Rentals is having friendly dogs of all shapes and sizes around. So many guests come to visit our cozy cabins from all over the Northeast and bring their puppies to goof off in the great outdoors.

There's a certain thrill and satisfaction in seeing our furry friends frolic in the fresh powdery snow! Whether it's going out for a hike, doing some snow tubing, wandering the woods for a snowshoe adventure or strapping on cross-country skis, our lodging guests always seem to find winter fun. Their pets are always close by, including snuggling in their cabin after a day's long adventure :-) Photo: Ottie enjoying the snow during a snowshoe hike with Christophe

Enjoying Wild Turkey from Your Cabin Rental

Wild turkeys at Wellnesste Lodge and Nature Sanctuary
Wild turkeys at Wellnesste Lodge and Nature Sanctuary

There are many things to enjoy in Central and Upstate NY during the Winter season. Many of our city guests come to us to rent a cabin for the very first time. It's quite common that folks from New York City, Buffalo, Rochester, Boston, Montreal, Ottawa and other surrounding cities get their first taste of "big snow" and "wildlife" during their stay.

On winter mornings, you can often peak out your cabin window and spot wild turkey, deer and other critters out and about in the fresh snow from the night before.

There's something so simple and pleasing about such natural sightings. It hearkens back to our outdoor roots and helps us to re-connect with the natural world around us.

~ Wellnesste ~